When you can apply for a payday loan with disability pension

When you can apply for a payday loan with a disability pension

When you can apply for a personal loan with a disability pension


The disability condition in principle does not represent a limit in the request for extra credit; it is important, however, to make a distinction according to the type of pathology and the economic possibilities, as the banking institution needs to have concrete guarantees in the event of insolvency. We then find out how the payday loan with a disability pension works and how to apply for it.

If you wish to apply for a payday loan by presenting your disability pension as a guarantee, it is important that the customer demonstrates a solid credit history, which in a few words means having correctly fulfilled the past economic commitments in the case of other loans, and that is not exceeded. established maximum age. As mentioned then, much also depends on the pathology that afflicts the client and his state of health, as the credit institutions intend to protect themselves from the risk of death of the subscriber before the latter has settled the debt.

Loan solutions

Loan solutions


For these reasons, among the best credit solutions to be considered in such circumstances there is undoubtedly the bank which, given its nature, makes it possible to manage the financing itself in a simple and practical way. The monthly installment, in fact, will be withheld directly from the applicant’s pay slip and its amount, which will be constant over time, can never exceed one fifth of the revenue in order to guarantee a dignified standard of living for those who decide to subscribe to this product.

The bank, in turn, thanks to the bank, protects itself from any problems linked to the repayment of the missed installments, but also protects itself against the state of health of the customer, since a prerequisite for accessing this credit solution is the signing of a life insurance policy. We remind you that this special customer segment can still decide to opt for a more traditional payday loan, given the presentation of the necessary documentation stating the personal details, the state of health and the economic situation.

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